One of the well known photos of high colorful land.

On the Lollipop galaxy there hides a weird planet named HIGH COLORFUL LAND or Candy Planet the planet is weird as shit. Nobody lives there except little germs from outer space.


When alot of coca cola and mentos where mixed in space with dirt the planet was created. Nobody know who left the coke and mentos floating in space someone says it was Nyan Cat other says it was Chuck Norris but no one is sure.


Robot created on the planet.

End of the planetEdit

Its planned to destroy the planet in the year 2080 with a very big shotgun why will they do that? Well for no reason at all.


  1. The planet smells like froot loops.
  2. That was the place where Shark Boy and Lava Girl was filmed.
  3. This planet is where Zalgo comes from.
  4. King Kong pooped in that planet.
  5. Its illegal to listen to music in that planet.